What to Expect at ProductCampSF on October 12, 2013

ProductCamp SF is day 3 of Product Bootcamp SF happening at Broadway Studios, 435 Broadway, San Francisco.

200 people have registered. Over 30 sessions were proposed online and voting for morning sessions took place using @ProdThink prioritization tool.

Come prepared to propose and vote for afternoon sessions. All previously proposed sessions not scheduled for morning will be included in voting for afternoon sessions.

If you are bringing a presentation to ProductCampSF, download one of the following PowerPoint files and copy the Title and Sponsor slides into your presentation.



Managing Expectations:

This is not any other product camp!

Broadway Studios is a historic venue in a funky North Beach neighborhood – a great place for community, networking and face to face interactions.

What can happen if 200 passionate product people come together to spend the day?

If you waited until the last 36 hours to register, you will probably not have a name tag waiting – so what, get checked in and be patient with volunteers who have been working on the 3 day event all weekend and for weeks in preparation, meetings, stand ups and 12 hour days the past week. Thank them for their commitment to creating a day for product people to spend together!

Plan to participate actively, be agile, flexible and responsive – we don’t know what will happen – its up to you to make it a great experience! The volunteers and producers have worked hard to create this opportunity for San Francisco – bring your open mind, willingness to make it work and forward the action, resourcefulness, patience and capacity for chaos – all necessary for being successful in volatile product and startup situations!

What to expect at ProductCampSF?

A unique experience not like any other ProductCamp you’ve been to. ProductCamps reflect the surrounding product community and business ecosystem. ProductCampSF is day 3 of Product Bootcamp, following Startup Product Summit SF2 comprised of 14 speakers in a full day, one track lightning talk presentations and interactions with audience. Plan to improvise and create a great experience with other product people.

ProductCampSF is an opportunity to spend a day with several hundred other members of the San Francisco product community to network, learn and share. Propose a session when you arrive and vote for afternoon sessions.

There are 4 areas with screens to project slides – and many other spaces for meeting in front of laptops for discussion groups. Not getting value from the session you’re in? Use the 2 foot rule and walk to another area to create value – start a session, demo, or talk.

Wifi may not work, projectors may die, sessions may not make it to the schedule – what do you do? Present without slides or use your laptop, have a direct discussion, listen, ask, start anew…

Doors open at 8:00 AM


Broadway Studios is at 435 Broadway between Kearny and Montgomery, search for “Broadway Studios” on google maps (not address – it sends you to the wrong address)

Dress comfortably.

The event is taking place up (a big set of) stairs in what we’re calling the Product Ballroom. There is a downstairs area with a separate entrance where Startup Product Academy will be housed with separate areas we’re calling Prototype Piano Lounge, Product Saloon and Product Hub areas for breakout sessions.



There is all day parking next door for $15 (?) cash

Need a ride to the event?? We’re partnering with Uber to give attendees at Product Bootcamp events $20 off their first rides – at the click of a button, bring an on-demand driver to you for transport to the event. Bring a friend, and you’ve got both ways covered!

Use the code SPBootcamp when you sign up in-app or text the code to 827 – 222 and have a driver at your location in minutes.


Montgomery St. BART Station, San Francisco, CA about 15 mins walk

1.Head north on Sansome St toward Bush St

2.Turn left onto Broadway StDestination will be on the left



1. At the event, there’ll be a jobs area to post biz cards and open positions
2. During lunch, there’ll be discussion clusters – find the one about jobs if you’re seeking and offering
3. Online, check out http://jobs.startupproduct.com

Show off your passion for product excellence! Grab a tshirt athttp://www.zazzle.com/startupproduct

Learn more at http://productcampsf.com

Twitter Hashtag: #PCampSF


Thank you sponsors @ProdMgmtTalk @IterationZ @AIPMM @Sprintly @PragmaticMarketing @ProdThink @Balsamiq

Special give aways at end of day for attendees. No host cash bar after party and invitation to upstairs event at Broadway Studios following last session.

If you missed the Startup Product Summit SF2, we captured it on film!http://bit.ly/1b3s8Hm Summit SF1 free videos: http://bit.ly/15tF4Sy

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Proposed Session: Need for Apprenticeship in Product Management

Title:  Need for Apprenticeship in Product Management

Session Leader: April McKay @AprilNic2007

Website: www.Citizens.co

Format: TownHall Discussion


Do you have positions to fill? Are you looking for a new position in Product Management? Are you looking for PM training?

Join me for a discussion on the future of Product Management education by discussing your job search or recruiting experiences!

Feedback will be rolled into programs for the Startup Product Academy – generating tomorrow’s PMs!


Why education & apprenticeship are important for job seekers:

1. Product management is a massive chicken and egg situation – you need experience before you can get experience

2. There’s a saying that no one intentionally becomes a product manager, that people come into the role from other areas of the organization (business analysis, customer support, engineers…) That’s not the case. People registered for this event LOOKING for a PM role are evidence of this!

3. There’s no good way to ‘test the waters’ especially if you’ve been in the workforce for a while. Internships are available for those coming out of college, but those looking to SWITCH into PM are left with few resources.

4. Explore the differences between B2B / B2C and startup / large companies. The role of a PM changes based on these factors.

5. Determining the area you would like to focus on is critical, as it’s sometimes difficult to switch (e-commerce, enterprise systems, mobile apps…)

6. There are also significant differences between PM for new  products (e.g. starting your own startup or joining one) and maintaining an existing product

6. Apprenticeship will give you access to hands-on-learning!

Why education & apprenticeship are important for recruiters & companies:

1. Access to fresh ideas is an important source of innovation for companies. Get access to people who are passionate and have work experience that interns may not have

2. Join us for a discussion about the traits and skills you look for in a PM. We are starting the Startup Product Academy soon and your input would be helpful in tailoring the coursework

3. Have access to people trained to do what you need!

For everyone:

1. Product management is still developing as a space and ironically the definition of PM is not well defined. Help us determine the role, skills, and needs for product managers today!

Presenter Bio:

Hi! I’m April McKay and I’m a former business analyst consultant. I’m searching for a Product Management job, with hopes of finding my next employer at this event! Unfortunately the chicken & egg situation (you need experience to get experience) of finding a PM position has made my search difficult and I know some of you are having the same issue!

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Proposed Session: The Minimum Lovable Product

Title:  The Minimum Lovable Product

Session Leader: Brian de Haaff

Website: http://www.aha.io

Format:  Workshop


A can of cat food is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) when you are starving, but it’s highly unsatisfying and unlikely to generate a loyal following (of humans). And there you have one of the problems of the MVP approach. It strives for “barely enough” and never good. And heaven forbid, the goal is never being great.

The MVP is a curse for ambitious technology companies that want to grow. In an increasingly transactional world, growth comes from long-term customer happiness. And long-term customer happiness comes when customers adore your product or service and want you to succeed.

You should be thinking about what it will take for customers to love you, not tolerate you. Really think about the type of mindset change it would take. What would it take to create a Minimum Lovable Product (MLP)?

In this workshop we will explain how to focus your business on delivering a MLP and at the end of the session you will identify the 3-5 key product drivers that will ensure your product is loved.

Presenter Bio:

Brian de Haaff builds software companies. He currently is the co-founder and CEO of Aha! — the new way to build brilliant product roadmaps. Brian is a seasoned SaaS executive with almost 20 years of technology industry experience and a proven ability to lead great private and public cloud-based software companies. He has served as the CEO of three companies with expertise in cloud-based services, strategic planning, corporate development and M&A, operations, product management and marketing. He has created and helped develop four new categories of technology. He has held senior strategy and marketing positions at multiple successful startups. He co-founded Paglo (SaaS IT Management) and led the company as CEO to an acquisition by Citrix [NASDAQ - CTXS]. At Network Chemistry as the CEO, he led the successful sale of the company’s wireless security business to Aruba Networks [NASDAQ - ARUN]. Prior to Network Chemistry, he led strategy and set the product direction for Netli, the leading SaaS application delivery company, ultimately leading to an acquisition by Akamai [NASDAQ - AKAM] for nearly $200M. Prior to that, he held senior positions at RouteScience, which was acquired by Avaya, and at Concentric Network (ISP and SaaS), which was acquired by XO Communications for nearly $2B. He has been granted multiple patents and graduated with honors with a MS in Marketing from Northwestern University and a BA in Philosophy from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Proposed Session: Exploring Requirements: Data Perspective

Title: Exploring Requirements: Data Perspective

Session Leader: Ilya Milman


Format: Presentation


Have you heard business owners complaining about an inability to access important data that is stored ‘somewhere’? Have you seen great-looking screen mockups that ended up becoming parts of an unusable product? What about companies ruined by the cost of hardware acquired ‘just in case’?

In countless projects, the data-related portion of product requirements remained an afterthought, causing delays, suboptimal user experience, overspendings, and outright failures. Even now, with a new wave of attention to data, the approach is often simplistic: how can we process [a very big number] of bytes?

The goal of this session is to describe a systematic approach to collecting a data-related portion of the requirements, including definition, ownership, transmission, storage, maintenance, validation, exchange, etc. The approach is equally applicable to traditional or agile methodology and to any functional domain.

Presenter Bio:

Ilya Milman is an experienced IT consultant focusing on data-intensive applications with a background in software development, management, and professional services. For the past 15 years, he worked for several Fortune 100 companies in the SF Bay Area, including Wells Fargo Bank, Walmart, PG&E and United Healthcare. His approach to technology management practice is based on adopting cross-domain knowledge for striking a balance between established best practices and cutting edge innovation. Ilya is a co-inventor of several patent-pending technologies. He also holds multiple industry certifications including Certified SCRUM Product Owner.

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Proposed Session: Leadership is Managing Relationships

Title: Opening up Pandora’s Box – A Virtual Conversation

Session Leader: Lisa Winter @lisaw1

Website: http://svprojectmanagement.com/author/lisaw1

Format: Town Hall


What makes a Product Manager truly successful?

Being able to manage relationships – whether it be with senior executives and business stakeholders in inception or with the Technology team members in implementation.

How does an organization take the ideas from the business stakeholders and deliver technical solutions?

Conway’s Law states that “organizations which design systems … are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations.”

If Conway’s Law is true, improving the flows of communication could be the most effective approach to improving the design of the system. Human relationships are defined by communication. We’ll explore some challenges and techniques to deliberately improve the communication structures.

Presenter Bio:

Lisa Winter is a connector & relationship manager – a Product Management consultant with over a decade of managing enterprise-wide, complex projects and online products.  Ms. Winter has consulted and worked for many of the Fortune 500, including Wells Fargo Bank, Visa Inc., AT&T, Copart, The Clorox Company, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, American Express, Walmart, and Charles Schwab, as well as technology companies Autodesk and McAfee Security, helping them increase market share and improve efficiency.  Lisa holds a BS in Information Systems Management from University of San Francisco, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is an advocate of Agile and Lean/Kanban as both a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a ScrumMaster. You can contact her via email at Lisaw1@gmail.com

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Proposed Session: Opening up Pandora’s Box – Virtual Conversation

Title: Opening up Pandora’s Box – A Virtual Conversation

Session Leader: Lisa Winter @lisaw1 and Andrew Clay Shafer @littleidea

Website: http://svprojectmanagement.com/author/lisaw1

Format: Town Hall


Are product managers essential? Does it make sense for one person or one role to be the Keeper of the Flame?

A discussion on the product lifecycle and questioning conventional wisdom about the role of product management.

Presenter Bio:

Andrew Clay Shafer is broadly recognized as a major contributor to devops, having helped spread the body of knowledge now known by this name. As cofounder of Puppet Labs, Mr. Shafer transformed the way people manage IT infrastructure. In particular, he popularized the concept of “infrastructure as code,” which allows IT to reframe its processes to take advantage of methods proven greatly successful in Agile software development. Examples of such practices are summarized in Andrew’s “Agile Infrastructure” chapter of the book Web Operations, which is considered by many to be a devops handbook. Following his pioneering work at Puppet Labs, Mr. Shafer became Head of Engineering at Cloudscaling, where he focused on implementing cloud computing products for telcos and service providers, enabling them to provide carrier-class IaaS facilities to customers. He also likes to help organize conferences, including Agile Roots, Puppet Camp, Devops Days, and the New Horizons & New Voices stage at Agile 2011. He can be reached at acs@parvuscaptus.com.

Lisa Winter is a connector & relationship manager – a Product Management consultant with over a decade of managing enterprise-wide, complex projects and online products.  Ms. Winter has consulted and worked for many of the Fortune 500, including Wells Fargo Bank, Visa Inc., AT&T, Copart, The Clorox Company, Fireman’s Fund Insurance, American Express, Walmart, and Charles Schwab, as well as technology companies Autodesk and McAfee Security, helping them increase market share and improve efficiency.  Lisa holds a BS in Information Systems Management from University of San Francisco, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude. She is a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is an advocate of Agile and Lean/Kanban as both a Certified Scrum Product Owner and a ScrumMaster. You can contact her via email at Lisaw1@gmail.com

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Proposed Session: Visual Road-mapping and Feature Decomposition with Kanban – How to achieve real Flow in Product Development

Title: Visual Road-mapping and Feature Decomposition with Kanban – How to achieve real Flow in Product Development

Session Leader: Mahesh Singh @maheshsingh

Website: http://www.swiftkanban.com

Format: Presentation


There is a lot of attention given to Lean/ Agile product development teams around the work done and the (Lean/ Agile) processes adopted in by the Dev team once a set of features (backlog items) have been identified for a set of sprints (scrums) and/ or Releases.

However, how do those features get to the team, nicely bunched up in Releases and Sprints?

There is a lot of upstream effort by Product Management that goes in ‘herding the cats’ – defining and maintaining the Product Roadmap with input from myriad and often conflicting sources, abstracting features and requirements at the right level, getting stakeholders to agree on their priority, and then decomposing them so that the Dev teams are continually churning out quality code and product features in a ‘just-in-time’ manner.

The work that the Product Management team does is at a different cadence than the Dev team. Most organizations and teams have not yet understood the criticality of managing this upstream work well, nor the effort that needs to be put in so that the Dev team is continually supplied with User Stories at the right time and stakeholders are satisfied the right work is being done at the right time.

This talk focuses on this challenge and describes what we have done as a small product company, where managing the Product Roadmap and successful delivery of releases is critical; and how we have improved over the last 18 months since we adopted Kanban in our own functions, with specific focus on syncing up work upstream and downstream for a unified flow.

Presenter Bio:

Mahesh Singh Co-founder, Sr. Vice President – Product, Digite, Inc. I have spent over 25 years in the software and IT Consulting/ Services industries. I love working with customers on resolving challenges that help them become more successful in the areas of effective and collaborative application and software development, project delivery and portfolio management. My areas of experience include Marketing, Product Management, Requirements Management as well as Project and Program Management leading Software teams. Entrepreneur, father, husband. Enthusiastic about music, singing, cooking (have finally figured out how to make a mean lamb biryani!), movies, outdoor activity – anything on water, hiking, running, cricket. Interested in far too many things to be an expert at any one. Well – maybe being a Dad – or so my wife says!

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Proposed Session: Leveraging Distillation, Design, & Data to Make Music Relevant & Social

Title: Leveraging Distillation, Design, & Data to Make Music Relevant & Social

Session Leader: Stefan Aronsen @sfintercom

Website: http://www.deliradio.com

Format: Panel Discussion


It’s 2013, and consumers can listen to 20+ million tracks with the push of a button. From a consumer standpoint, this is an amazing problem to have, but there is a new issue to tackle: “How do you organize and filter the world’s music library in an intuitive and targeted way?”

Although streaming services grant access to millions of songs, a very small percentage of those actually get listened to on a regular basis. Companies such as Spotify, Songza, DeliRadio, Pandora, Rdio and others all have different approaches to distillation, design, & data. However, all of them agree the ultimate goal is to integrate relevant and social engagement into the listener’s experience.

We are currently experiencing a time where playlists curated by fans, bands & industry professionals are gaining importance. They are responsible for the distillation of music and, as consumers, we desire their unique outlook on this new generation of music access.

As app developers, it is our responsibility to amplify their importance by giving them the tools needed to affect consumer listening habits. DeliRadio embraces these issues daily. As a concert discovery service that uses the vehicle of radio, we only stream musicians with upcoming shows. Listeners can also filter based on location, genre, and dates.

By blending algorithmic curation with the human touch of venues and festivals, DeliRadio’s ultimate aim is to convert the music lover at home into a concert-goer at local venues and festivals.

A timely panel would include speakers from streaming services and the artist community discussing how distillation, design, & data can improve music experience and aid in discovery. We would also talk about how contextual relevance and social engagement can build community, and discuss the importance of access to data when you want it.

Presenter Bio:

Responsible for design related to the look and feel of DeliRadio’s web, mobile & marketing material. I work closely with the head of product to make the DeliRadio app shine. When needed, I collaborate with writers, photographers, illustrators and directors to create content fans want.

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Proposed Session: 5 P’s of Survival

Title: 5 P’s of Survival

Session Leader: Stefan Aronsen @sfintercom

Website: http://www.stefanaronsen.com

Format: Presentation


How to utilize the 5 P’s of survival – Plan, Personify, Promote, Plug-in, Play to become more viable.

Stefan specializes in graphic design, his ability to plan, personify, promote & plug-in has earned him jobs with multiple successful music labels, start-ups and bands. He knows that while each projects faces different obstacles, one constant in the music industry is the sheer level of difficulty in surviving. EXAMPLE: http://www.sf-inter.com/2012/12/five_free_ebooks/

Presenter Bio:

Stefan Aronsen has a masters degree in graphic designer. He leverages the knowledge he’s gained from this and jobs at Adidas, Lucasfilm, Stitcher, and most recently DeliRadio to help brands become more viable.


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Proposed Session: The New Domains are Coming Fast – Marketing Chaos or Opportunity?

Title: The New Domains are Coming Fast – Marketing Chaos or Opportunity?

Session Leader: Athol Foden @namiac

Website: http://www.brighternaming.com

Format: Presentation


What the DOT domain is going on?

After much ado about nothing, hundreds of new .gTLD domains are finally coming down the internet at high speed. Instead of just .com, net, .org and country specific domains to choose from, we will be offered a myriad of choices in some cases – like .web, .online, .corp, .inc, .xyz, .blog.

For others, there will be clear specific domains to use like .music, .hotel, .travel, .college, .buzz.

But how do we get the world to know that we are even talking about our website? And for how long will .com be the king? So which domains are coming and when? What do they cost? How can I get one? And why is ICANN also setting up a new international trademark clearing house in parallel?

In this fun and very interactive talk, we will discuss what good marketeers should be doing to protect and prepare their companies. Together we can navigate through the potential chaos and confusion and find a clear path for our own long term web branding and presence – probably before a lot of the rest of the world wakes up to the new opportunities.

Presenter Bio:

Athol Foden is the president of Brighter Naming, Silicon Valley’s full service international naming agency. A former high tech marketing exec, he has over 15 years professional naming experience and is also the author of Brighter Branding: Best Practices for the Smaller Business, Brighter Names: Pragmatic Naming for the Smaller Business and other titles. A number of books will be given away in a drawing at the meeting.

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